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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our introduction

My husband has been asking me to write a blog for years... So, here I am, finally with the motivation to do so. My beautiful 1 year old son, Noah, is to thank. I want this blog to encourage moms to be confident in feeding their children what they KNOW is best for them, even when it is challenging sometimes (well most of the time- stupid chicken nuggets haha). I have a strong desire to help combat this overwhelming obesity epidemic - 1 hydrogenated oil, non-veggie eating, soda-drinker at a time. To fight an epidemic, we have to build a strong foundation from the get-go. Mommas, this means we gotta start fighting EARLY. Like, before your kiddo is even 1! Did you know that if you can change the eating habits of a kid BEFORE 4th grade, you have significantly reduced their risk of becoming a weight-challenged adult? It's never too late to change, but that's good news to me!

This is my beautiful munchkin, YES eating veggies and LOVING them!!
Also... It seems in this era that revolves around social media, no one is at a loss for words. In a split moment one has the ability to project a voice out into the universe that can either be encouraging, discouraging, hilarious, opinionated or just downright hateful!  Don’t worry my friend, my little bits of personal expression and life stories will live mostly in the encouraging/ funny territory.I am a Registered Dietitian by trade, but I'm NOT a health extremist AT ALL. I'm not 100% organic, vegan, raw, or anti-microwaves. If you can maintain that lifestyle I am seriously happy for you, I'm aiming for a little more moderation, especially since I'm a part-time working mom. I have a special place in my heart for working moms... the struggle is real. Working or not, it seems we all have the same goal, and that is to raise happy HEALTHY kids, that grow into happy healthy ADULTS without chronic medical issues! Whether you work or not, you have one picky eater on your hands, and all mommas are on their knees begging them to eat haha.

My Mission: My main goal for this blog is to raise a healthy kid and help you raise healthy kids. Also to help fight the messages sent by society that insist otherwise. I also want to change the bad rep veggies get.. I want my kid and your to LOVE a variety of foods INCLUDING the most amazing food of all VEGETABLES!!!!!! I have a firm belief that as a society if we truly want to become healthy, we need to go back to our roots. Our primitive roots that is. Humans were created to be primarily PLANT eaters.. yep, that's right. We were actually created to eat things like PLANTS, nuts, seeds, fruit. And protein of course, BUT not usually from large animals like most people think - ask yourself, how would they catch and kill them.. hmm.. head scratcher?? I have a very firm belief that no one can make a definitive claim that they "hate vegetables" because you really would be denying your genetic make-up which actually NEEDS and CRAVES them to make your body work at it's most optimal. Plus there are like a 1,000 different varieties with varying textures and tastes. C'mon you haven't tasted ALL of them!? I was raised in a house full of lots of unhealthy crap, BUT I was always surrounded by veggies. I desire so deeply to raise a child in a home where the crap food is kept to a minimum, and the veggies never spoil (hey a girl can dream) :) That's why I'm blogging, I'm willing to try ANYTHING and hopefully some of my experiments will help you with your children too :) I've had some funny experiments so far, I'll back track and share some of the for sure.

My history: I grew up a chubby little kid who hated, and I mean truly loathed PE. I was overweight, awkward, and clumsy. The piece-de-resistance was my awesome, frizzy, unruly, curly hair made far worse by the fabulous humidity of the south (and my super cool glasses). I had a great family, great friends, and a fairly normal upbringing but never felt good about only being “the girl with the pretty face.”  Somewhere along the way through tragedy and heartache I realized I was meant for something more. Nobody likes being overweight, and absolutely NO ONE likes being the one person who can’t keep up, or like myself was even picked on for being a chubby kiddo/teen.  So the last 10 years of my life have been a journey nonetheless of me finding my way through our obesogenic society to achieve health, and trying to help others a little on the way. I have tried it all in an attempt to fit into a mold, and realized over the last 10 years there is no ONE way to be healthy/skinny. You have have to refocus your aim, and let health be incorporated in every single area of your life. For the average person this is far more difficult and scary than just following a diet or taking a pill! I've been practicing living like a normal healthy person for over 10 yrs now! It feels good, I'm far from the picture of perfect health now, but you wouldn't believe where I used to be haha. For a good laugh see where I started almost 20 yrs ago.

Closing thoughts: Moms... we are really all in this together, and we need to support and encourage eachother. STOP THE MOMMY WARS (can I get an amen!?). Professionally I am in diabetes education, and I work in an outpatient department of a hospital. I have no false illusions that I know everything about health or nutrition and will never claim too. I've gotten so many good tips from my awesome friends, and I'm gonna share those too. I simply want to help you figure out how to feed your kid, while I'm trying to figure out how to feed mine. I used to say I’m not a good cook, now I would say I am just a little chef in training. I like to experiment with cooking, and almost anything I make that's edible birthed from a disastrous tornado in my modest kitchen. Let’s share smiles, laughs, recipes, tips that work for you, words of encouragement and success stories. Veggies, mommas, & kiddos UNITE!! :)

Disclaimer: My blog will have tons of spelling errors, run ons, and over zealous commas... I apologize in advance for all of grammatical indiscretions, I'm not a detail oriented person to say the least haha.


  1. Awesome, Amy! I'm excited to follow!

  2. Way To Go Amy!!! Your dedication is an inspiration to everyone!!!