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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parents United

The first part of this is just to brag on my hubby. He made lunch for Noah tomorrow while I was cooking, and he put this together!!
The entree is our dairy free version of a hummus & home made corn tortilla "quesadilla", avocado, organic chicken, organic peas, blue berries, a peanut butter sandwich (snack), a banana, and pouch if he's being fussy. I'm so just impressed my hubby cares and is trying to make a healthy lunch for our munchkin beyond a Lunchable haha. 

Side note: at some point we will probably have lunch meat, however you might want to be mindful about the nitrates/nitrites that are in processed meats. Since Noah's body is so tiny, and everything is more potent in it, I think we'll wait on sausage and lunch meats for now. This article is a good middle of the road view point about nitrates, and I strongly encourage you read it!!! http://m.livescience.com/36057-truth-nitrites-lunch-meat-preservatives.html

Also, what I'm about to cover is one of the most important reasons why I decided to start a blog. So important in my opinion, I decided to bold it, & change the color so you would think it was super important enough to read & remember. ;) 

I would like to  encourage you AND your spouse to make efforts to feed your kids healthfully TOGETHER. I know, I know, sometimes this can be really hard. I see spouses every day that just can't get on the same page with their meals at home. However, as much as you can, TRY to be a good example for your kids... both of you. They look at BOTH of you, and revere both of you, and will not eat veggies if they don't see both of you doing it. Trust me, almost weekly I have grown adults tell me they don't eat veggies because their mom didn't cook them when they were little, OR their dad didn't like them (and vice versa). SO, you really will be significantly more impactful if you are a united front. 

Also just because you don't like a certain veggie, doesn't mean you shouldn't offer it to your kid. PLEASE do not put your food preferences on them. And as much as you can, please try NOT to label your kid as a 'non-veggie lover'. This is very very very important to avoid. I have met SO VERY MANY adults that swear up and down they don't like veggies, non of them, all 1,000 varieties... because they didn't like them when they were little. It just makes me so sad, because taste buds change! Also, children can find an identity because of their food preferences, AND they sometimes like the attention they get from having them. So please please please, try as hard as you can to keep your food jags to yourself :) And do not give up on offering them to your little ones! I will write a blog about this another time, but most of the time kiddos don't like veggies because of the texture, NOT the taste. Which I have learned to get around. Also if they are used to getting french fries most of the time... that's of course a big part of the problem too. So go ahead parents, feed your kiddos prunes, and brussel sprouts, and cabbage, and beets, and let them decide for their selves if they don't like them! :)

Final thought: I have had quite a few people ask me for my muffin recipes. Here is the thing, I haven't found one I LOVE yet! Today's batch were the first ones that actually tasted quite good, and were pretty, BUT I still feel like they have a little too much sugar in them. Also I really wanted a good oat muffin recipe for the soluble fiber, and found one AFTER I made these. I'll share this recipe, but I want you to know my search for the healthiest veggie breakfast muffin I can find is not over! Next week I'm trying the pumpkin, oat, zucchini, flax muffin recipe I found today. Wish me luck (I always need it in the kitchen haha). 

- 3 c 100% whole wheat organic flour
- 1 t salt
- 1 t baking soda
- 1 T organic ground flax seed (w/ 3 T water)
- 1 t cinnamon
- 1 t pumpkin pie spice
- 1 c pure cane sugar
- 1 c unsweetened organic apple sauce
- 3/4 c vegetable oil
- 1/4 c almond milk
- 2 t vanilla extract (didn't have this & they were still good)
- 3.5 c shredded zucchini 
*Bake at 350 for 30 min. 
*I altered this a little from the original recipe, so if it doesn't turn out good for you, let me know!!

Moms, dads, kiddos, & veggies unite!

Love & Blessings, 
The Veggie Momma 

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