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Monday, September 8, 2014

When he is hungry, FEED HIM!

So days like today are the reason why I decided to start a blog. I know I wrote this morning's post  referencing the past when we first started solids, but today was reflective of our normal feeding days as a 1 yr old... with opinions haha.

Today, I started back at a weekly mom's bible study this morning, and also had to work this afternoon. So, Little man was in TWO daycares today, and by the time he got home tonight he was worn out to say the least, he was also tired, grumpy, fussy, and HUNGRY! So we tried the normal veggie spread like we usually do, and nothing but protest from him. We tried chickpeas...protest, steamed squash...protest, organic low sodium canned asparagus...protest... NOTHING WORKED! Then I gave him a zucchini flax muffin that he usually eats for breakfast. Well he gobbled that right down.

Now I failed to mention before that Noah is actually super allergic to eggs (per blood test), and moderately allergic to dairy (per the scary eczema on his legs). SO I would usually give him a boiled egg, or an organic cheese stick if he was really hungry but he can't have either. So zucchini muffin it was.

He ate, he stopped fussing, and all was quiet. Now instead of deciding to give up and surrender I decided to offer him veggies after he had devoured half of the muffin. My daily goal is  for him to have veggies at every single lunch and dinner for the rest of his life, if I can help it. So I will ALWAYS find a way to make that happen. Here he is finally coming around, and YES eating his veggies...

Moral of the story here: If your kid is hungry, FEED THEM! But DON'T give up on feeding them healthy foods in the process. You never ever know what they will eat once they can see past their hunger. You don't need to torture them, but notice how they can be significantly more reasonable once they aren't starving. 

Veggies, mommas, & kiddos UNITE!

Love and Blessings, 

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